About Us

Growing up in a family of five naturally forces a knack for improvisation! Recycling is probably a better word, but nonetheless, that life experience cultivated creativity. Hand-me-downs were out of necessity, stylish or not and it somehow also fueled a strong sense of family, selflessness, and discipline. Attention to detail and taking extra care to value everything was also a by-product. These values became the building blocks for the launch of AJ Williams’ Gifts.

My younger sister watched my every move... from being a first generation college grad to the pursuit and attainment of my doctoral degree- she watched and supported! You see, we grew up in a very modest environment. Often times, we joke about the fact that we didn’t know we were actually poor by certain standards and then quickly pivot to how rich our value system was. We have cultivated these experiences in our professional lives and have managed to unveil gifts that had long been nurtured by our parents and siblings. I also pass these attributes to my daughter, Jade- who has truly been an inspiration to do something different.

We are about providing quality, tasteful gifts with a personal touch! We value you and your ideals about showing up in life authentically and unapologetically you! So whether it be a customized t-shirt displaying your individuality or announcing an addition to your family, we can make it personal! How about showing that special graduate that his/her village is representing in the stands? Or the unveiling of a sorority/fraternity newest members? You name it, we can personalize it.

We are here to bookmark that special day or that every day reminder you desire!  Decades later, I’m reflecting on my upbringing and I’m reminded that this is a part of my overall destiny... to continue sharing my gifts and talents with you! You are now family! If you can imagine it, we can create it!

Happy shopping,

Angela & Jade